Hair Ateliers "Purpose" is to create inner and outer Beauty. We have a very diverse staff of artists, we provide for you a Beautiful Salon, and a fun filled environment. We're looking to bring out your own individual style. Our goal is to create an unforgettable experience. We would love to be the place you want to come.

Hair Atelier Boise Hair Salon

Are you tired of your look?

Is your desire to look a little bit more exciting? Do you want to be adored by many because of your wonderful locks? For many of us, hair is a very important part of our physical outlook, that's why it is commonly referred to as our 'crowning glory'. Hairstyles are a large part of our desired style and projected image, with a chosen hairstyle actually showing off much of our personality and traits. The right colour, style and cut can do wonders for our outlook, not to mention the added self-confidence that comes from looking good, chic and stylish. One way to ensure that one's hair always looks good and presentable is to go for regular visits to the hair salon, but not just any salon! It is important to go to a hair salon with stylists who understand your style and taste.

Now days finding a Hair Salon can be a tricky issue. In a sense, you are placing your personal beauty in someone elseĀ“s hands. You want your Hair Salon to be the perfect match to ensure you get the right treatment, value, and of course, results.

Why We Should Be Your Hair Salon.

Our team at Hair Atelier Boise focuses on putting your needs first. Everyone is welcome. Men and women of all ages. We provide prompt and efficient service in a comfortable, first class environment and setting We achieve great results, making you feel great about yourself (as well as looking great). Our many loyal customers will vouch for our services. We offer world class services at reasonable prices. The services we offer are based upon the latest innovations in hair and beauty care.

All our stylists are experts in their specific fields, with years of experience, so potential customers can be assured of a professional cut and color every time they step foot in the door of Hair Atelier Boise. We provide a variety of Services. Multiple coloring techniques, Facial Waxing, Makeup Services, hair and eyelash extensions, perms and Styling, & Full bridal packages. You are sure to love the power of transformation that only Hair Atelier Boise Hair Salon can provide for you.